Ivana Radovanovic  was born 1994 in Valjevo ,Serbia  (100 km west of Belgrade). At the age of nine  she began with musical education in Music school in Valjevo, where  she had piano and solfeggio lessons. Ivana graduated Music Highschool in Valjevo in the study Music Theory.
Since 2010 Ivana lives in Innsbruck Austria and after one year preparation studies, at the age of 17 she started studying  composition and music theory at Tyrolean Conservatory ( Tiroler Landeskonservatorium) at Franz Baur, from which she graduated in 2015. In 2013 Ivana attended at Workshop for live electronic music with Johannes Kretz where she composed the peace ”In Johnny’s head” for Alto flute and Live electronic  that was played in November in ORF  Studio.
In 2017 she started Masters programme in composition at Anton Bruckner Privat University at Prof. Erland Maria Freudenthaler and live electronics programme with Prof. Andreas Weixler.
Her oeuvre includes works for choir, strings, piano, brass, chamber
orchestra and live electronics.
Music is for Ivana like a language, means of expression and for her it is also very important that every piece is based on certain emotion.
In her music she uses often elements from folk music from her motherland, like for example Balkan music scales and complex rhythms (7/8, 5/8 or 11/8 ).
Besides music she is also interested in foreign languages. She also studies Slawistics, mainly Russian language at the University of Innsbruck
( Leopold Franzes Universität). 

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